Thông tin thị trường sản xuất nước trái cây cô đặc tháng 3/ 2016

Fruit Juice Market – March 2016


With only the exceptions of apricot puree, passion fruit juice and pomegranate juice, the fruit juice market
seems to be in balance between supply and demand. This is as calm as your Market Insider has seen the
fruit juice market for at least the past ten years.
However, beneath this veneer of calm, dark forces are lurking. The most important is the battle of the
sugar scares. Some very significant countries are imposing a sugar tax of carbonated soft drinks (CSD’s)
and once this mechanism is in place, it will only take a small legislative change to impose similar taxes on
fruit juices and purees.
It is a very positive sign that the European Union is putting a PR campaign in place to point out the
positive benefits of fruit juice and purees. Hopefully this initiative will highlight the issue of the amount of
pure juice in many drinks that purport to be ‘healthy’. Some of these contain minimal pure juice but are
marketed as offering benefits suggesting that these ‘fruit drinks’ were actually higher in juice content than
may be the case. Many contain massive amounts of added refined sugar.
The effects of El Nino are still being felt in Latin America and Asia. It is not over yet but due to quieter
demand, the impact on prices has been mitigated.

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